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The Annual Meeting of the VPGA was held on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 starting at 9:00 am, at the Southwest VA Farmers Market in Hillsville, VA

The VPGA was given the 2016 Judges Award at the State Fair of Virginia

Pictured is President of the VPGA, Chuck King receiving the ribbon from Barry Robinson who attended the 2016  State Fair of Virginia for the Association


 Below are the results of the VPGA’s People’s Choice Pumpkin Contest at the association’s booth in the Meadow Pavilion along with other state commodity group booths.  With over 2400 votes cast, the following is a ranking of the top four youth only entries voted on by fair-goers casting a vote for “the Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin they would chose at a grower’s farm.”

1) Leah Marshall, Carroll County

2) Evan Baker, Montgomery County

3) Moriah Marshall, Carroll County

4) Bradley Coleman, Spotslyvania County

Other contest participants were MeKinsley & MeHailyn Sink of Montgomery County and Jack Ortega of Hanover County.  All contestants will receive a certificate of participation at the VPGA’s Annual Meeting in January 2017, and the top four individuals will also receive a monetary award.

Several other VPGA grower members also earned top honors with their entries in the fair’s Crops & Vegetables Contests.  Leah Marshall was a big winner, garnering top honors in all but one of her entries and had her white pumpkin (10lbs or more) prominently displayed with the other top state crops entry winners.  Evan Baker and Dan Brann also won top entry awards in their categories.  All gourds, pumpkins and winter squash were judged by Dr Allen Straw and other fair officials.

Finally, with the tremendous help of Ashland Berry Farm’s Drue Gustafson & crew, our booth won the Judges Award among the commodity group displays for the second year.

Thanks for allowing me to again represent this organization at our state fair, and promote it to many, some of which were interested in becoming grower members.  I hope to see many of you at the meeting in January, when we honor the above individuals for their efforts and accomplishments.

Barry Robinson with the VPGA

If you are looking for Pumpkins or Fall products, please contact any of our Association Members listed HERE

The Association does not buy, sell, or endorse one member’s product over another.

The Association does not directly buy or sell any product!

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The Virginia Pumpkin Growers Association is a non-profit organization – 501 (c)(5) – that seeks to promote  pumpkins and fall products grown in Virginia.

We support the agricultural community and seek to provide education and knowledge in the production of pumpkins and fall products.

The Virginia Pumpkin Growers Association consists of members from different areas of the state of Virginia. The Association holds an annual meeting in late January/early February for membership and the education of the production of pumpkins/fall products.  A yearly field day is usually held in late summer/early fall.

“Pumpkins is continually becoming a fast growing crop for Virginia’s producers and the Virginia Pumpkin Growers Association wants to continually promote the production of pumpkins!”

Gov Mansion Pumpkin 2014

On October 14th, 2014 some members of the VPGA  delivered pumpkins to the Governors Mansion – we appreciate the honor!!

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